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    Error "hardware/code-43-windows-has-stopped-this-device-because it saw an error" in windows 7

    These days,one of my USB ports is not working. I am using windows 7 where i am consistently getting an error message "hardware/code-43-windows-has-stopped-this-device-because it saw an error". Have you encountered this issue before?If yes then kindly suggest me about the solution.

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    Re: Error "hardware/code-43-windows-has-stopped-this-device-because it saw an error" in windows 7

    First of all, run the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter. For same,"Start" button and click on "Control Panel". In the search box at the top,type "Troubleshooter" and then click on "Troubleshooting". Now under "Hardware and Sound",click on "Configure a Device". It can ask you for the Administrator password. If it does so,provide the same. If it doesn't fix your issue then uninstall the driver for USB host controller and restart your computer. Let windows to install the generic drivers on its own. To do the same,navigate to "Start">>Device Manager>>USB [Universal Serial bus] host controller. Right click on it and select "Uninstall".Once done,restart your computer. Windows 7 will automatically install the same driver without any issue.Enjoy.
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    Re: Error "hardware/code-43-windows-has-stopped-this-device-because it saw an error" in windows 7

    this message means your USB is failed in some manner. this is due to curroption in loaded drivers. if your system is laptop unplug the power cable and remove all the usb devices. shutdown the laptop and remove the battery... leave it for few mins and insert your battey.
    Now restart your system.
    it should work fine now.

    what we have done is just flushed all the cache memory...

    happy to assist you

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    Re: Error "hardware/code-43-windows-has-stopped-this-device-because it saw an error" in windows 7

    Hi dear friend.............to solve the above issue.......follow the below instrucitons

    first of all press windows key+r and type Devmgmt.msc in the run box

    now press ENTER key from the keyboard.........then go to Universal serial bus controllers and expand it

    and check all the controller and Hubs..... whether they are working or not

    and if you find any error...... simply right click on It and choose Update Driver software option

    now select Search automatically for Driver software option .......and follow the instructions

    and if you unable solve the ....error ......simply re-install the USB drivers

    and if you have Drivers utility CD simply insert it ....and install them

    Other wise manually download the.... drivers from the internet ...and install them

    after that your problem will be resolved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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