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    Error: Oxc0130000f while installing Windows 8 on Windows 7 Laptop.

    Am trying to update my Laptop with Windows 8 which was till now running on Windows 7 Ultimate, so I have bought the Windows 8 installation DVD and starting installing the Windows 8, suddenly in between the process terminated and generated an Error code: Oxc0130000f with no useful info along with this error code and I will be returned with the Windows 7.

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    Re: Error: Oxc0130000f while installing Windows 8 on Windows 7 Laptop.

    Hi dear friend............ it might be the problem of bad sectors.... or any corruption issue.........

    To solve the above problem.........follow the below guide lines

    first of all click the start button

    now type Command prompt in the search box.....then right click on it ...from the Start menu and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

    then click YES .... now type SFC/SCANNOW and press ENTER key

    after the completion of ...process....close the CMD.....and go to MY COMPUTER

    then right click on HOME DRIVE that is usually C: DRIVE and choose PROPERTIES

    now tap on TOOLS tab....and click CHECK NOW button under the ERROR-CHECKING category

    then Check Scan for and Attempt recovery of Bad sectors box ...........and finally click START button

    and after the completion of process ..........try to install again ....... AND I HOPE THIS TIME YOUR PROBLEM WILL BE RESOLVED

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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