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    Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    I installed Adobe Photoshop in my Windows 8 System. I want to uninstall it and tried to do it. It raised an error as it cannot be uninstalled. What might be the problem? Why it cannot be uninstalled? Please, anyone provide me the solution. Thank you in advance. Thank you! Please, help me!!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8


    Usually two reasons can generate message like that and they are as follows :

    1. When the program is in use and not closed for the uninstaller to uninstall which can not uninstall a program with a number of files open and active.

    Invoke Task Manager and shut all processes then try to uninstall.

    2. If due to some reason knowingly or otherwise files from the to be uninstalled program are manually deleted, the uninstaller cant find exact reference which was recorded during installation and due to that cant remove the program.

    Only third party uninstaller can uninstall under this scenerio.

    3. The Operating System program responsible for uninstalling can be damaged which can not uninstall any program.

    Repair Windows and try again.


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    gauravgpt Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    Hello friend...

    It is easy to uninstall the Adobe Photoshop in windows 8.

    follow these steps..

    Click the start button then choose the Control panel..

    Open the Control panel windows, click the program and feature.

    Select the adobe Photoshop then click the uninstall..

    then it remove it..

    if it create a error now restart the windows then go to safe most then follow the above steps to uninstall the adobe Photoshop ..

    All the Best!!

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    Dreamer Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    Hi Friend,

    There is because of photoshop registry is not removed fro system,
    also may be some file missing when try to Un-installing,

    First you can download Your Uninstaller from here
    >> And Install it
    >> Open your Un-installer
    >> Select Adobe Photoshop
    >> And click on un-install
    >> that remove photoshop with their registry

    If issue persist go to C drive, > Program files
    And look for Adobe photoshop
    Delete it
    Restart PC
    Now you can try to remove from control panel/your-uninstaller

    I hope you can understood.

    All the Best.

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    logitech Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    Hello Friend ,

    You are facing error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    If you are having a problem to uninstall Adobe Photoshop in windows 8 .

    Then you have one more option by using Your uninstaller software .

    By using this Software , it remove the software with their Registry files also .

    Thats there is no problem regarding this error .

    To do this you have to download and install your Uninstaller .

    And open this software and then select Adobe Photoshop from the list and click uninstall.

    I hope you will understand ,

    All the Best

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.................................

    1.It may be used by your system at that time.

    2.So you try to close all applications running and also open Task Manager and End all process.

    3.If still you have the problem then you go to the Uninstall a Program.

    4.And from there you try to delete it if still you have the problem.

    5.Then this is some security problem so you remove all the files in it to the Recycle Bin some files will not get deleted leave them.

    Have a nice day................................

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    Mohanbabu Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8


    For this may be your Some programs are running with adobe photo shop check it..

    If running close and remove it..

    After that Go to Control panel from start..

    Click on Program files..

    Choose adobe Photoshop file..

    Click on Uninstall button..

    Now it will remove..

    After uninstall once restart your system..

    Thank you

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    Dk Boss Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    You will be confronting problem with deleting Adobe Illustrator with House windows 8
    For anyone who is getting a dilemma to help removal Adobe Illustrator with home windows 8.
    Then you get yet another solution by utilizing The uninstaller application.
    Employing this Software package , this get rid of the application utilizing their Registry records also.
    Thats you cannot find any dilemma with regards to that problem.
    To begin this you should get along with install your current Uninstaller.
    As well as amenable miracle traffic bot and then select Adobe Illustrator in the number and click uninstall.

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    frehman Array
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    Re: Error in uninstalling Adobe Photoshop in Windows 8

    Dear Friend,

    This may happen because another process is running in the background.

    First open the task manager from ctrl+Alt+Del .

    open the process tab and end the process.

    After that go to the program file folder in C drive.

    go to the adobe photoshop file.

    click on the uninstall Button.

    Now it will remove.

    After Uninstall Restart your system.

    Thank You!!!!

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