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    Error while installing Software updates on Windows XP.

    Before shutting down my machine I will choose the option Install updates before shut down, but this will never end up successfully I get the message that error occurred while installing the software update followed by a long code. Tried many times still the same error message, I have even tried manually but no progress.

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Error while installing Software updates on Windows XP.

    Dear friend,

    If you are using Windows XP2, then you should upgrade to Windows XP3, because the Windows XP2 doesn't supported by Microsoft anymore.
    If you already have Windows XP3, then you should restore your system to a earlier system restore point, and then try to install updates freshly.

    All Microsoft updates are available on their website. You can download them manually one by one and can install then individually.
    If the problem still persists, you can find the the update that is causing problem by uninstalling updates in descending orders of installation date.
    You can then skip the update to before installation.


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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Error while installing Software updates on Windows XP.

    this is because Microsoft officially stopped support for XP, By 8th April, 2014 they will even stop supporting XP SP3 and also Office 2003..

    So, My dear friend you better upgrade your hardware and install latest OS in your system...
    For now, you upgrade your OS to SP3 for some time.... because up to 2014 they will give official updates to SP3.

    for more information visit Microsoft website..... happy to assist you

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: Error while installing Software updates on Windows XP.

    hello *******

    **************Uninstall the currently downloaded updates.

    **************Re-download these updates again.

    **************Now try to install them.

    **************If you still have an issue than try next steps..

    **************Go to Control panel and than click on Troubleshooting.

    **************After clicking you will get Troubleshoot computer problem window.

    **************Here you will see the System and Security.

    **************Under that click on Fix problem with windows update link.

    **************After clicking the windows troubleshooter will open click on Next button.

    **************Windows troubleshooter will find and all the problem automatically.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Error while installing Software updates on Windows XP.

    Windows XP is now a pretty old operating system and you should decide about the future plans as even if the OS runs, the additional softwares and updates will be rare to find and formats will be less and less supported by the newer programs.

    For now , Cick Start,
    In the Search box type , cmd and press Enter,
    Right click on the Command Prompt, select from the list, Run As Administrator,and press Enter.
    Type sfc/ scannow and press Enter.
    This command will enable the utility to scan the entire system file for any defect, fix that, this way it should fix the update installer and that should solve your problem.

    Try that method.

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Error while installing Software updates on Windows XP.

    Hi, Dear friend

    To resolve the above issue simply follow these

    1. press windows key+r now, type services.msc and press enter key

    2. now scroll down and find windows update and right click on it ....and choose STOP

    3. now again press windows key+r and type %homedrive%\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and press enter key

    4. after double click on Data store folder and delete all the files from the folder

    5. and come one step back and double click on Download folder and also delete all the files from the folder

    6. after that Restart the PC then open run and type services.msc and press enter key

    7. after that find and right click on windows update .....and select START from the pop up

    and now try Again.....your problem will be resolved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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