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    Error while running "Just Cause 2" game on Windows 7 Laptop.

    I have Lenovo Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate as pre installed operating system, everything works great on my machine recently downloaded a game Just Cause 2 and when tried to run the game my machine is not allowing me to run it, showing some error DirectX failed, but not sure about the error. Please provide a method to run it.

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    Re: Error while running "Just Cause 2" game on Windows 7 Laptop.

    This is a common problem for gamers, the DirectX missing or version mismatch leading to na game launch situation, which can he solved easily.

    Log into http://www.windows.microsoft.com/en-...arch#q=directx , and here you will find a whole lot of DirectX utilities and the latest DirectX for Windows 7 to he downloaded on your system.

    Use the features to analyse , download and install directx from the most authentic source and enjoy the game.

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