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    Error while updating Windows XP SP2 to Windows XP SP3.

    I have Windows XP system which has Service Pack 2 and am trying to update my machine with Service Pack 3, and am doing this manually from the internet, I have got a link in msdn though it started the installation process but failed to finish it successfully. I couldn't find out the error here, please help me to update my machine.

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    Re: Error while updating Windows XP SP2 to Windows XP SP3.


    It might be the problem of link or Slow internet connection

    and even there is any errors in the disk also......the problems appears like ...... the above

    So, first of all verify your internet connection

    and after that go to my computer and right click on C: drive and chose properties

    then tap on tools tab..........and click on Check now under the error-checking category

    and now select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors option and click on Start button

    and after the completion of process ....try again

    thank you!!

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    Re: Error while updating Windows XP SP2 to Windows XP SP3.

    Dear friend,
    You can update your Windows XP2 to Window XP3 through three methods:

    1. Manually downloading the service pack 3: To download this service pack 3 manually, go to the microsoft official website.
    Just download the service pack. You can slipstream this pack into your current Window XP2. To do this, make a ISO image of your Window XP2 and save it to your hard drive.
    Use the software n-Lite or RT-7 Lite to slipstream this downloaded pack into your current Window XP2. First you have to install one of these software, load your Windows XP2 image file into this,than
    load your service Pack 3 when prompted. This software will automatically integrate service Pack 3 into service Pack 2. Save the fresh image so formed onto your hard drive and then burn it to a CD.
    Then do a clean install of window XP3 on your computer.

    2. Getting a fresh image of window XP3: You can order a CD of fresh Windows XP3 online or can purchase from a local vendor. You can do a clean install of Windows XP3.

    3. Through automatic updates: Ifthe automatic update feature of window is on, then your Window XP2 will automatically updated to Windows XP3. If this feature is not turned on,
    you can turn it on by going to Control Panel and selecting Windows update menu, then choosing "Automatically window update turned on".

    Thanks! Surely this will help you!

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