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    Eyefinity not working in Windows 8

    After installing Windows 8 I am not able to find Eyefinity working on my screen. After troubleshooting, I installed CCC Windows 8 RP software. But it was futile. How to solve this issue?

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    venki Array
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    Re: Eyefinity not working in Windows 8

    hello friends..

    to solve the above said problem read the following steps

    ##first of all,Uninstall the Eyefinity

    ##now download and install the latest version Eyefinity

    ##after successful installation restart your system

    these steps may solve your problem

    all the best

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Eyefinity not working in Windows 8

    Installing any software and expecting it to run under Windows 8 is oo much.

    Windows 8 is the latest in the world of operating systems, and it has backward compatibility ability like all operating systems, but that has limitations too and not everything runs under windows 8, for which you should check the dompatibility features prior to installation.

    Uninstall the Eyefinity software,
    Start--control panel--programs--eyefinity--uninstall , to remove the installed program.

    Log into internet, download the latest Windows 8 Compatible version from there,

    Install that version and things should be normal.

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: Eyefinity not working in Windows 8

    ************************** i have solution for this problem*************

    *************Go to control panel from start screen of Windows 8 system.

    *************Now under the control panel window click add and remove programe

    *************After clicking you will get list of programs window.'

    *************Under that window click on display all link of programs.

    *************now you can check your service pack install or not install

    *************Now download latest version of Eyefinity and install.

    *************When successful installation complete restart your system

    I hope these steps will provide a help for getting solution of this problem
    …………………..thank you friend……………..

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