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    Facing the error “ 0x800CCC0D” in Windows Mail

    I logged in to Windows Mail in Windows Vista. I faced an error “ 0x800CCC0D” when I logged in to it. I logged OFF and logged in, but the problem is same and not yet solved. I need to get the problem solved. What could be the reason for the problem? Please, help me!

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: Facing the error “ 0x800CCC0D” in Windows Mail

    Hello friend....

    The two solutions for this problem are:

    1: Are you working with an active internet connection?
    ->Open the web browser and try opening a few popular websites such as yahoo.com or google.com if they dont load, you need to contact the isp and get the problem rectified.

    2: Check the mail server addresses:
    ->Open the email account properties window in your chosen email client and double check the mail server address. Please remember both the incoming and outgoing email servers need to be correct to receive and send messages without problem.

    Thus in windows live mail,
    Click -> tools -> accounts -> Select properties -> servers tab

    Confirm incoming mail (pop3) value if you have problems in receiving email.

    This solution will give u right thing..

    If not come with your reply post total detail of your problem...

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Facing the error “ 0x800CCC0D” in Windows Mail

    Dear friend,

    The possible reasons behind your problem are:

    1. It is possible that the mail settings have been changed by the email provider.
    To solve this go to the email provider website and compare your settings against the settings as provided by the email provider.
    2. Your antivirus has blocked a network connection to this application due to some spamming reasons.
    3. Check out whether your firewall is working or not, because some firewalls block all of your data connection when they are not working, to save your system.


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