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    Facing the error “0x80004005” while updating Zune Software in Windows 8

    I am trying to update the Zune software to the latest version and faced the error “0x80004005”. I removed the old version and used the registry cleaner software and tried again to update it, but could not solve the problem. It is raising the error. Please, help me!

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    Re: Facing the error “0x80004005” while updating Zune Software in Windows 8

    STEP 1: Download the full package on Zune software from this LINK.STEP 2: Extract the package where you want.STEP 3: Look for X86/X64.STEP 4: Select the System type and open the folder.STEP 5: Look for “Packages”.STEP 6: Open Packages and look for Zune Installer that best suits your System.STEP 7: If you get any error during this process, but ignore it and wait until it gets completed.STEP 8: You can see the Zune icon on the Desktop.

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