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    Facing the error “0x80048820”in Windows Live Mail in Windows 8

    When I send an email from Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 System, I receive the error “0x80048820”. I turned OFF and ON the system, but could not solve the problem. I closed Live mail and reopened it, but problem is not solved till now. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: Facing the error “0x80048820”in Windows Live Mail in Windows 8

    Windows Live Mail has some problems and they can be Solved. This sort of problems might be due to server problem. They are Solved when the Server is up. It is also due to the Internet Explorer Settings. Whenever you change settings in IE 8, it shows it’s problem in the Windows Live Mail. So, you can get it Solved by going for “Advanced” tab in Internet Explorer. Reset all the Settings to the Default. As, Windows Live Mail is integrated with the IE Settings, any changes in Internet Explorer gets impacted in Windows Live Mail. By changing the IE Settings to default, you can remove the Error.
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