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    Facing the error 80072f0d in Windows Live Messenger

    I am trying to login to Windows Live Messenger in Windows Vista System. I faced the error 80072f0d in it. I registered again, but could not solve the problem. I need to get it solved and remove the problem. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Facing the error 80072f0d in Windows Live Messenger

    If you are facing the error message that you are seen on your window of your mobile then you have to change some settings of your mobile.
    That error message indicates that some file is been missing from the account so you have to go for the change of software version.
    The software version must be updated with the windows live messenger so that you will not get any of the error message like above.
    So this could be the process You can have to the windows live messenger of your mobile.
    You can have a free chat using this application in your windows phone.

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