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    Facing the error “autosc64.dll” in Windows 7 Professional

    I turned ON Windows 7 professional System. I tried to open one program and faced the error “ autosc64.dll”. I restarted the System, but problem is same. I ran the CCleaner to empty cache and tried to open the program, but could not solve the problem. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Facing the error “autosc64.dll” in Windows 7 Professional

    Hello friend..

    To get rid of your problem follow the steps given below:

    ->Download a safe reliable software from the below link and install it.

    ->After download completed select 'autoruns' and right click on it.

    ->Click on 'extract here'

    ->On the extracted files,click on 'autoruns' application select it and right click and click on 'open' or 'run' and click 'ok' or 'yes' if any prompted by the administrator to finish the process

    ->When that is completed Open or run the autoruns

    ->On the open window click on 'Everything'

    ->On all the programs which said 'File not found' select each & every one of them,click one at a time..

    ->Right click,& click delete and ok.

    Hope this may help you....

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