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    Facing the error “Printer not recognised” in Windows 7 Professional

    I connected HP Printer to Windows 7 Professional System I got an error “Printer not recognised”. I installed the drivers correctly and are working well. I checked the connections and are well connected. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Aryan Anand Array
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    Re: Facing the error “Printer not recognised” in Windows 7 Professional

    Dear Friend!!
    You just once uninstall the drivers for printers from all the ports and then re-install the CD provided when you bought the printer.
    This will solve the problem.
    And try to install the drivers from internet connection when asked to install via internet connection during you run the CD.

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    aditya807 Array
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    Re: Facing the error “Printer not recognised” in Windows 7 Professional


    This kind of problem might be caused due to printer driver software. To solve that problem try these steps...

    ====>Right click on My computer icon.
    ====>Click on Manage option.
    ====>Under the Computer Management window click on Device Manger.
    ====>Here you will see the all installed hardware as in list under the Device Manager window.
    ====>Find Printer and click on arrow just next to it.
    ====>After clicking you will see the Printer driver.
    ====>Right click on it and click Update driver software.....
    ====>After following few steps your Printer driver software will update successfully.
    ====>After updating of Printer driver software your problem will be solve.

    Try this hope this will help you.....

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Facing the error “Printer not recognised” in Windows 7 Professional


    You need to check a few points to solve the issue.

    1. check the cable and connector of the printer, reinsert them once you are sure about their status.
    2. you need to uninstall the previous installation of printer driver which were there in Windows , or if you have installed the supplied printer driver by the HP.
    3. reinstall the printer driver to Windows through Windows, the process is:
    start>control panel>hardware and sound>device manager>printer>update driver or attach the printer through USB port and the driver will autodetect the printer.
    you can insert the CD provided along the printer and install driver from that too by running setup.exe/install.exe file there.


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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Facing the error “Printer not recognised” in Windows 7 Professional

    Dear friend,

    The driver for your printer in Windows 7 is corrupted, which is causing problem. Sometime when you are
    installing a new device, such as printer, the window operating system install driver from its on database.
    These drivers may cause conflicts with the printers own drivers. If you install driver after connecting the
    printer, this happens most likely. Uninstalling the driver may not solve the problem.

    To solve your problem, you should restore your system to an earlier point before the problem aroused.
    After restoring your system, you install a driver that comes with the printer, and then connect the printer
    after completion of installation. You can restart your computer after installation of driver, if the
    problem persists.


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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Facing the error “Printer not recognised” in Windows 7 Professional

    Hi dear friend.............. to fix the issues about printer follow these .....AND I HOPE WHICH MAY HELPS YOU

    First of all click the start button and go to control panel

    now choose SYSTEM AND SECURITY option

    after that click on ACTION CENTER option

    now click Troubleshooting option ...... which is located at the bottom of the same window

    after that click on HARDWARE AND SOUND option

    then choose the PRINTER option from the list

    then click ADVANCED option from the window and select Apply Repair Automatically option and click NEXT ( run as admin )

    then follow the onscreen instruction............

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Facing the error “Printer not recognised” in Windows 7 Professional

    try to uninstall the drivers which are given to along with the printer.
    remove all the cables connected to your system and printer.
    switch off your printer.
    Now restart your system also.

    first thing you need to do is switch on the printer.
    connect the printer cable to your system.
    check whether you get any notification like new USB notifications...
    click on the notification and allow to install the drivers from internet.
    wait for some time because windows will search for the appropriate drivers to your hardware.
    once all the drivers are installed go to device manger and check is there any yellow color icon in the list..
    if you still find any yellow icon, right click on it and click update and choose internet.

    finally restart your system...
    happy printing

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