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    Facing issue for adding printer in my Windows 7 OS

    I am trying to install the printer in my Windows 7 OS and when I try to do, it says “Windows cannot install printer. Access Denied”. Why I am getting this error message? How to fix this problem?

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Facing issue for adding printer in my Windows 7 OS

    hi my dear friend.......this error shows when you logged as a standard user

    here the standard user means .............the user standard ....does not have permission to install the other devices and install the programs........depending on the administrator settings.....

    so to over come this issue you need to login as the administrator and try


    press windows key + L then click the switch user

    then select the administrator account and type password to enter as administrator
    ........................aLL THE BEST

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Facing issue for adding printer in my Windows 7 OS


    The problem is of priviledge thats issued to an administrator a common user cant have the same authority or priviledge, which is causing the system to declaire you as a guest user and not authorised to perform a superiors task.

    Log in as an administrator, if your system is setup with an administrative decorum, provide administrative password and you will be allowed to install the printer.

    If the system doesnt have any administrative priviledge then check for viral corruption, then install proper driver downloaded from the official site.

    Hope to see you enabled.

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