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    Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    I recently installed a WIndows 7 theme in my WIndows XP OS and after sometime I uninstalled it where it went for a automatic restart right after that the taskbar and icons are looking smaller than normal and some icons are missing which it use to be in the default XP. The total look is bad now. Can you tell me how to fix this problem? How to get back my default XP look and feel?

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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    Hello Friends,

    that your problem is solved if you restore the your computer form the date for install the window 7 theme.

    To restore the your computer to follow these steps:-

    Click the start button then go to All Programs.

    Click the Accessories then click the System tool and go to System restore

    Open the System restore window and follow wizard steps and you restore the computer..

    if you can't want be restore the computer than you follow the another Method to solved this problem.

    you repair the you window xp and then solve this problem..

    to repair the window, insert the window CD in DVD drive follow the step and repair the computer.....

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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    yes we shall definitely help you on this. One thing you need to understand is that installing such theme/skin packs does leaves traces on your system even if you uninstall from your system.

    You can remove those traces to see your normal, default windows XP theme by restoring your system to an earlier time. You can do the same by using system restore.

    here's how you do it :

    1) go to RUN [by press and hold Windows logo key and hit R on the key board i.e. WINDOWS + R]
    2) type "RSTRUI.EXE" without quotes into the the RUN and hit OK
    This will open SYSTEM RESTORE.

    3) click FINISH
    4) Now select the RECOMMENDED restore point and click Next :

    OR if you want a different time to roll back to, select the radio button that says "Choose a different restore point"

    Now select any restore point from the list, and proceed by clicking next :

    5) Now click next

    6) Any message box can be proceeded by clicking next or finish.

    Now, System will RESTART and all your troubles are resolved by now.

    Best of Luck..!! Hope it helps.

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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    Hi there,
    This problem is caused because of the theme you installed earlier and the app didn't restore the settings properly.
    You can solve this problem by just restoring your PC to the earlier stage(Before installing the theme/app).
    To do so just follow the simple steps below:
    Go to Computer Properties > System Protection > System Restore > System Restore > Select Different Restore Point > then Select the desired point of restoration and follow the simple steps then your done.


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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    xppro.jpg Win7.jpg

    dear friend,

    Seems like your the new windows 7 is not supported properly by windows XP.

    Though it has been installed but it is unable to provide the appropriate icon features of windows XP.

    I'd like to suggest you to completely uninstall the themepack from your computer.

    Go to the control panel & uninstall/remove it from your computer.

    If you're unable to uninstall it then delete the complete installed file from the program files folder in XP installation drive.

    Then restart your computer & right click on desktop.

    Click on Personalize & select the Theme tab in the new appeared window.

    From the drop down list, select windows XP & click on Apply+OK.

    Now you'll see default XP theme in your computer.

    If you want, you can install new windows 7 theme again.

    But before download check that it is supported by windows XP.

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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    This problem occurs because the new such themes change your windows settings and its display properties ,
    so you should always download these type of themes only from the valid source

    Now to get back you original theme try:-
    - Start the Themes Service: Go to Start
    > Run and type services.msc and press Enter key to open the Services window.
    Here, navigate to Themes service, and right-click on it and select Properties, and make sure that the Start Up type is set to Automatic.
    And if the service is stopped, click the Start button to start it.

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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    hi ,

    you have two option to bring the older lookoption 1. if you had recovery and restore files in your pc then you ccan just click on
    recovery now in control panel and your older look will be restored.

    option 2. if you don't have recovery of your window files then you can set your desktop icons by following these procedure :

    step 1: Right click on desktop and click on personalize


    step2. Now click on change desktop icons :


    step3. Now select the icons you want to show on your desktop :


    step4. Apply changes and press ok.

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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7


    I would like to tell you that if you are facing uneven windows xp behavior even though you have uninstalled it then the problem is surely because of that windows 7 theme which you installed in your computer...

    Though you have uninstalled the theme it made your computer to behave like this due to the corruption in the theme....
    It could be possible that the theme didn't removed from the computer...
    To completely remove the theme from the computer simply remove it by going to add or remove option in the control panel ..

    For this first go to control panel and then select or open add or remove option .. There search for the theme you have installed and all the components attached to it..
    Select and then click on uninstall on the right ...
    Also look for the program files in the c drive of the computer or the location where you installed that theme...
    Sometimes it happens that though you uninstall any program some of the components remain in the directory where you installed it ..
    After doing all this restart your computer for the changes to take effect...

    So , do check for the above steps and i am sure your problem will be solved..

    thanks ..

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    Re: Facing issues in Windows XP OS after installing the theme for Windows 7

    Hi friend,
    your files had been damaged by installing the theme so you must remove it completely and permanently
    So you can do this by restoring your windows
    Now click on start
    go to all programs
    select accessories
    select system tools
    click on system restore
    now select the restore point when you have installed set the system to that time
    now restart the system
    you are done now your system is now normal to back

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