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    Facing Partition BOOTMGR error when booting up the Windows 7

    Whenever I boot my system it just reads for a long time and then I get the BOOTMGR error. I tried re-installing the OS but still get the same error as “Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. The error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code:0x80070057”. Can you tell me how to fix this problem? What are the steps I should follow for it?

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    Re: Facing Partition BOOTMGR error when booting up the Windows 7

    The most common reasons for this error include corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive*and operating system upgrade issues and *corrupt hard drive sectors.
    To fix this problem, we should have to follow these steps:-
    1.Firstly restart the PC. The BOOTMGR error could be a fluke.
    2.Check your optical drives, USB ports, and floppy drives for media.*
    3.Then Reset all internal data and power cables. BOOTMGR error messages could be caused by unplugged, loose, or malfunctioning power or controller cables.
    4.Perform a Startup Repair of Windows. This type of installation should replace any missing or corrupt*files, including BOOTMGR.
    5.Even though a Startup Repair is a common solution for BOOTMGR problems
    6.Write a new partition boot sector to the Windows system partition.
    7.Then rebuild the Boot Configuration Data (BCD). Similar to the partition boot sector, a corrupted or*incorrectly configured BCD could cause BOOTMGR error messages.
    8.Check the hard drive and other drive settings in BIOS and ensure they are correct. *
    9.Then perform a clean installation of Windows.*

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    Re: Facing Partition BOOTMGR error when booting up the Windows 7


    You have a couple of queries of which i`m trying to ansewr the first- first.
    The time taken and the final message might mean something about the health of your hard drive, which might be having or has just got a number of bad track or bad sectors exactly where the partition of disk 0 is located.

    Actually for the sake of information you have a number of platters in your HDD each has a couple sides marked as disk 0, and disk 1. When the read /write head is directed to write partion data to disk 0 it is unable to do so.

    Check all connections attachments and run disk defragmenter and finally a disk doctor software to check and repairing the bad media if any at all.

    Back up all datas and reinstall windows .

    Error code 0x80070057, comes along with the problem of shortage of virtual memory, and to remove the problem do as follows:

    Click Start > Control Panel > System Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab > Settings Button (Under performance) > Advanced Tab > Change Button (Under Virtual Memory) >Change the Value (higher value than existing in MB) > Set > OK

    This shoule remove the error.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Facing Partition BOOTMGR error when booting up the Windows 7



    dear friend,

    Try these following guidelines to solve your problem.

    If first section is not helping then jump to the second section.

    Open the command prompt.
    Type sfc /scannow & press enter-wait for some time.
    It'll check all of your system files & will take action against the corrupted sectors.
    Type sfc /verifyonly & press enter-wait for some time.
    It'll verify all the scanned files for their status,but will not take any action against these files.

    If this doesn't help you then go for system repair.

    Insert a bootable windows 7 DVD in the DVD drive.
    When prompted press any key to boot from DVD.
    Proceed & Select Repair Your Computer option.
    System recovery option will start scanning your computer & will replace the corrupted files with the fresh one.
    Click on Repair & Restart option.
    It'll reboot itself & System recovery option will come.
    Click on System repair & it'll show the log after performing.
    Select "Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows option".
    Proceed & select Startup repair option.
    After the process gets terminated,click on the finish.

    Now restart your computer.avoiding press any key option.

    You'll see that your problem has been solved.

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