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    Facing problem in importing facebook contacts to Skype in Windows 7 Professional

    I logged in to Skype in Windows 7 Professional. I have some contacts in it and I want to import my facebook contacts to the Skype. When I tried to connect to Facebook, it is not connecting. Login credentials are also correct, but facing the problem. Please, help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: Facing problem in importing facebook contacts to Skype in Windows 7 Professional

    To import multiple contacts from Facebook, Microsoft Outlook, or other address books to Skype:
    >>Sign in to Skype.
    >>In the menu bar, click Contacts > Import Contacts
    >>Select the type of account you have (email account or Facebook). If you cant see your account type, click Other for more options.
    >>Enter your user name and password for the account and click Import.
    >>The people in your address book who already have Skype accounts or phone numbers associated with their accounts are listed.
    >To import all contacts listed, click Add contacts.
    >To import only some contacts, uncheck those you dont want to import and click Add contacts.
    >>If you dont want to add any contacts from the list, click Skip.
    >>The people in your address book who dont have Skype accounts or phone numbers are listed.
    >>To send a message to some or all of these people inviting them to download Skype, select the people you wish to add, type a message or use the one provided, and click Send email.
    >>If you dont want to send any messages, click Skip.
    Thank you.

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