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    Facing problem in playing .wmv files in GOM Video Player

    I downloaded and installed GOM Player in Windows Vista System. I have some video files with extensions .wmv and faced some problems which could not play video. I closed and reopened the player, but could not get rid off the problem. Please, help me!

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    Re: Facing problem in playing .wmv files in GOM Video Player

    Follow these steps to solve the problem:

    STEP 1: Click Start >> All Programs.
    STEP 2: Click “GOM Player”.
    STEP 3: Click “Preferences”.
    STEP 4: Click on “Filter”.
    STEP 5: Select “Use WM ASF Reader”.
    STEP 6: Close the GOM Player.
    STEP 7: Reopen the GOMPlayer, your problem is solved.
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