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    Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update

    I recently left my laptop to install the update automatically which was downloaded from the internet. So right after that it went for a restart and now I am unable to boot up the OS itself, it says " A recent hardware or software might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be a malicious software from an unknown source ". Why I am getting this issue when I just updated my Windows Vista officially? Can you tell me how to fix this problem now?

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    Deepu Array
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    Re: Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update

    This problem arises when you have installed updates from internet if your laptop is not having a genuine operating system and also when the installation of update files is unsuccessful and system32 files may be corrupted.
    To fix this problem follow the following steps:
    1)Insert your Windows CD and reboot the system
    2)and go to setup and choose language language settings and
    3)click on repair the computer and follow the instructions and Repair the corrupted files
    Thank You

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    Re: Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update

    restore.jpg vista-logo-1.jpg

    dear friend,

    Seems like your Update process was not successful.

    So that when you are trying to boot your computer, some corrupted/missing files is blocking it.

    If you've already made a restore point in your computer then you have to restore your system.

    After restoring, try to upgrade your windows using a good internet connection.

    You may also repair the start up option.

    Follow these steps to do so-

    Insert a windows vista DVD in the drive.
    If prompted then press any key to boot from the DVD.
    Set the language, currency & the local time & proceed.
    Now select the repair option from the list & select the drive where you've installed the OS.
    System recovery window will appear.
    Click on Start up repair to repair the start up action.
    Click on the System restore option.
    Now select a good restore point (If you have more than one restore point) & click on Next to restore the system.

    Wait until if finish the restoration.

    Now restart your computer.

    All the upgradation will be deleted & you'll get your computer same as the restoration point condition.

    Now upgrade your windows step by step using a good & speedy internet connection.

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    Re: Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update

    Hey friend ,
    you might be facing this problem due to windows corrupted files and these file are corrupted during the updates.
    Either because of problem in update package or because of virus or something.
    Generally virus cause this type of problem.
    So try to restore your windows otherwise repair your window with the help of your installation disk .
    hope this will solve your problem.

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    Re: Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update

    hello friend,
    the software that is updated from net they will be chances of corrupting the files due to virus it is automatically get deleted
    so inorder to overcome this issue you need open the system in safe mode and perform system restore operation which will be present in your start option
    else if this doesnot work you need to install new os in your system.
    actually this problem may also occur due to the windows vista your using is not genuine so use the original version so that you can utilize all its features
    and can download updates automatically or manually from net without any problem or error

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    Re: Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update

    seems while updating automatically, the downloaded file or files were corrupt or it was corrupted after its effort to update the existing file in installed windows vista.

    A virus can also be the cause. Was the download from official microsoft site? is you windows a genuine copy?

    If you have a genuine copy of windows, insert it to the optical drive and access the repair mode and repair the damage that happend to the windows.

    Then download any update from only microsoft site, though they also have bugs in their programs sometimes but dont worry they will send you automatic update patch if anything happens.

    If you dont have a original software buy one now. Re install if all effort fails, and the system will run smoothly for sure.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update


    --->when install the windows vista,some files are not loaded properly during the installation

    --->Insert the windows vista cd in to cd drive

    --->restart the system and press boot option

    --->select repair option to solve the existing problems other wise install the new operating system

    --->Download updates automatically or manually

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