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    Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    I cleaned my PC with the help of a vacuum cleaner. After that when I start my computer it works but even before the login the fan stoped working and the computer appears to be going to sleep mode. What is wrong with it?

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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    Since your keys are working and your keyboard is in good state, I don’t think that there is any issue with drivers. You could try booting it up in the safe mode. To boot in the safe mode, press the F8 key as soon as the post test screens finishes up and windows are about to be loaded. Once this is done, you reach a page where you can choose between safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and similar options. You could select the safe mode to simply reach the desktop. For fans windows have their own idling processes though using software is not 100% reliable. You could check if the fans are moving by physical assessment. If they are not, you can make out that one of the plugs has been blasted and needs the help of a hardware expert.

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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    you should never use a vacuum clear to clean any electronics, always use a blower with has average speed.

    Don't run your system when your PC fan is not working, it may result in processor failure even motherboard too. Because Fan reduces the temperature of the Processor. If it stops working, open your PC and check the Fan cable whether it is properly inserted or Not ? If not insert it properly.

    Still problems remains same then you need to change to Fan. If you don't know how to change the fan, kindly take it to the hardware specialist.
    All the best

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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    There are a couple of fans installed in a computer if not more.

    Both the fans are vital for running the computer. Any of them or both failing the computer will be destroyed.

    When you were trying to clean the system using the vacuum cleaner, there must have something happend which disconnected the fan connection. When the fan is not rotating, the SMPS or PROCESSOR is getting hot and in order to save the components from getting destroyed, the system is shutting itself.

    Immediately consult a hardwwre engineer to open the system and repair it.

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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.


    Its a very common problem all you have to do is to do is to put some

    lubricating agent in the fan....Follow these procedures:-

    1..turn the fan upside down.

    2..clean the blades of the fan properly

    3..remove the sticker fom the back of the fan and pour some oil in the
    tiny opening

    4..after putting some oil in it spin it 2 or 3 times to spread the oil evenly...

    5..Install the fan it should work now as new..


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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    Dear friend,

    Your PC goes in sleep mode after the fan has stopped working just to protect your PC from damage.
    As your PC boot up, lot of heat is generated by your processor. When there is no working cooling mechanism,
    the temperature of the processor rise up. There is a upper boundary of temperature for which processor continues to work.
    In most of the computer it is about 100 degree Celsius. After this limit, your processor shut down your PC to avoid damage.

    To solve this problem, you should have a working cooling mechanism.
    As you have said that your fans stopped working after some time of booting, then your processor fan is damaged.
    And you should replace it with a new one immediately.


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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    Hi Friend,

    Your system is not going to sleep mode but it is crashing the system.

    >> Your system fan is not working so that your processor will get heat after some use.

    >> After that it stops working and crash the system

    >> so just replace the fan with new one.

    >> I hope you will understand.

    All the Best

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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    You have cleaned your PC with air blower.

    But the cooling fan of pc stoped working.

    Now first of all check all the connections to fan.

    Either all the pins are connected properly.

    Start the pc and try to rotate the fan manually.

    If that has a minor hurdle then it will run now.

    Otherwise that the pc or fan to hardware engineer to repair it.

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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    First of all my advice is that you should always use the Brush tool given in Vacuum cleaner Kit to shed off dust from CPU.
    And if the fan had stopped just after cleaning, its surely some wire problem. Open your system and try to locate the cable that is connected by a Pin-System. If you are not sure that where to insert your cable, the Google the picture of your mother board type and locate it.(it will save the cost for any hardware engineer :P ).

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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.


    It happens all the time. First you should open the cabinet and see wheather
    there is too much dust on the fan. If there is dust then you need to clean the
    dust with the help of a brush or a vaccum cleaner. Now, you should connect
    the fan cable tightly and close the cabinet. Now, turn on the PC and see if the
    fan is running or not, if it's not running then you need to replace your fan.


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    Re: Fan on Windows PC stops working.

    hi dear friend.............

    First of all check the Power cable of Fan

    usually the fans are connected from the Hard disk power cable or DVD writer power cable

    And also check whether the writer and Hard disk working or not ...... if not.....then there is a problem with the power cables

    Simply remove the cabinet......and Check the power cables From the SMPS

    and also check the Fans ........and during the cleaning ..... when the dust goes in side the Fans....which makes .... the Fan Harder .... in that case also there is a possibility .......to Stop working

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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