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    Few desktop Application Icons are missing in windows 7

    Hello everyone. This is tina here. I have few problems with windows 7. Some of my desktop icons are missing now. I am new to computers so don't have any idea about the error or solution. It is actually the second time when i have encountered this issue.Do you know how to fix it?

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    Re: Few desktop Application Icons are missing in windows 7

    First of all,reset Icon Cache. To do the same,right click on empty area of the desktop and click on Personlize. Then click on "Display Properties". Under "Colors",you need to select Medium(16-bit). Once done, click on confirm.Then You should Rebuild Icon cache for fixing your issue.To do the same,go to Control Panel>>Folder Option>>View and select to "Show hidden Files and Folders". Now open "Windows Explorer Window" and navigate to "C:\Users\ (User Name)\AppData\Local".Right click on "IconCache.db" and click on "Delete".Click on "Yes" to confirm the deletion.Once done,close the window.The deleted files goes to Recyle Bin so empty the Recyle Bin.Finally restart your computer.After fresh restart restart,it will rebuild the Icon Cache.

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    Re: Few desktop Application Icons are missing in windows 7

    To fix this problem first reset icon cache and then rebuild icon cache
    To reset Icon Cache fallow these steps
    go to home screen
    go to start
    then select control panel
    select personalize
    select display properties
    go to colors select medium
    then click on ok
    now you have to rebuild the Icon Cache for this fallow these
    go to control panel
    select Folder option
    select show hidden files and folders
    now open windows explorer
    then go to C:\users\(users name)\App Data\Local
    then right click on IconCache.db
    now click on Delete and then confirm the action
    once done delete all the files from the recycle bin
    then restart your computer.

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    Re: Few desktop Application Icons are missing in windows 7

    Hello dear friend

    Try to follow the below steps to solve the problem you have faces

    restart the computer in safe mode and check whether some icons missing or not

    If the icons display well you need not worry otherwise you can follow the below steps:

    Click start and open computer

    On the tool bar click organize and then choose folder

    Select options and click view tab and check to select missing icons and folder options

    Then enter the some category

    Find the iconcahe.db fileand rename it

    Finally close the window and Restart computer

    That is all


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