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    File manager in windows 8 OS in phone

    Where is file manager in windows phone 8? Does it have file manager/ related application. It used to be in Symbian , even android also have , but i dont know if it is there in windows phone or not . Some one please tell me.

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    Re: File manager in windows 8 OS in phone

    Hi friend,

    You need to download the file manager in windows 8 phone:-

    I think there might be some in built application, but look at this as it seems to work effectively and efficiently.

    OL File manager.

    This is very good and the features relating to it are:-

    1. Shows list of files.

    2. Icons for home (root) directory and SD card.

    3. Directory structure displayed through clickable buttons.

    4. Alternatively, the current path can be displayed in an input field.

    5. Supports PICK_FILE and PICK_DIRECTORY intents so that other application can use OI File Manager.

    6. Support for many file endings and mime types.

    7. "Back" key works for directories clicked in the list.

    8. Create directory, rename, delete files.

    9. Move files.

    10. Send files by email.

    Here is the video that would help you demonstrate its working process


    Hope i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    ALl the best

    Thanking you..

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    Re: File manager in windows 8 OS in phone

    Hello there !!!

    every phone does not have this feature.
    if android phone have this feature, than it is not necessarily that all the model of android will have the same features.
    features also depends upon the phone model.
    so, you have to check your model and also make ensure for the file manager.

    for your kind information let me tell you that, generally your file manager is present at this location given below :-

    1. first go to menu.
    2. then to settings
    3. than to applications.
    4. you will see many tab there >> one will be of file manager.
    5. select that particular tab.
    6. now you are inside the file manager.

    now do what you wanted to do.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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    Re: File manager in windows 8 OS in phone

    the device cant be used in a Mass Storage way. Since this is the case there is no real need for a File Manager.
    At the moment the options for transfering files from and to the phone are either via email or trough SkyDrive.
    Media files can be synced with the phone trough the Zune Software.

    Thank you.

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