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    File names are not seen in Windows XP System

    I have Windows XP System. I am not able to see the names of the files. I tried to solve the problem, but could not solve it. There was no virus in the System. Please, anyone give the solution. Thank you for the help.

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    Re: File names are not seen in Windows XP System

    STEP 1: Open the folder which has this problem of invisible name.
    STEP 2: Click on the “View” Menu.
    STEP 3: Select the option “Details”.
    STEP 4: Press and hold the “Shift” Key.
    STEP 5: Right – Click in the empty area.
    STEP 6: Select “View >> Thumbnails”.
    STEP 7: It shows the names of the files, your problem is solved.
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    Re: File names are not seen in Windows XP System

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........

    1.No, it was not the problem of the virus.

    2.You go to the folder in which lost of files are present.

    3.There press 'Shift' and then only make a right click on free space and click on 'View' and then 'Thumbnail'.

    4.Then you can see that file will appear in larger size without any name.

    To restore such files.

    1.Go to that folder where you have that files.

    2.Make a right click on free space.

    3.Go to the view ans select any option other than 'Thumbnail'.

    That's it your problem is fixed now.

    Have a nice day..................

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    Re: File names are not seen in Windows XP System

    hello guest !!!

    i think you are not able to see all the names of the files.
    it must be showing white.
    so do one thin just try try to change the view of the folder.
    by right click >> view >> folder by detaiks
    >>folder by time
    >> folder by size

    if also your problem is not fixed.
    than restore your computer by taking it to previous date at which you system was working fine.

    i assured this will finally help you.

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    Re: File names are not seen in Windows XP System

    Hello Friend..

    I think your computer may be virus effect so you firstly need to update and upgrade the computer then scan the whole computer..

    Then you follow these steps:-

    Open the folder then click the View menu bar then choose the Thumbnails or details option. then you find you see the name of the folder...

    All the Best!!

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