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    Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    I noticed recently that my C drive was completely filled and I had the D drive empty. Most of the space was occupied by a photo folder. I copied it to the D drive and deleted the folder from C drive. Later I found that the folder was missing from both the drives. Will I be able to recover them and why did this happen?

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    Re: Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    First of all, you could try recovering the lost photos with the help of a recovery tool available in market. There would be plenty of them available, so choose the right one. Popular recovery tools like WiseRecovery could do the job. You could also try a system restore by which you would be able to recover most of it if not all. This might have happened most probably because you deleted the file before the copy operation completed. Even if the progress bar shows 100% all would not be done by that time. Take care the next time you do it. Open the copied file and see if the copying has finished before deleting the source.

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    Re: Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    Hi dear friend.......... it might not be copied properly.... or corrupted ...folder

    And to get back the Deleted folder ....simply follow the below steps

    first of you need to download the RECUVA software from the internet ..... and to Download this ....visit this website www.filehippo.com
    and download the RECUVA tool

    now install the RECUVA tool and run the tool and click NEXT

    now choose the type file and click next

    in the next step choose the DRIVE .....that is in previously where have lost ...... that Drive only....and click NEXT

    now select ENABLE DEEP SCAN and click on START

    after the completion of process a window will brings up with many of files

    In that files choose your files and click on RESTORE button.......then choose the Destination folder or drive and click SAVE button

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    first my friend recover your photos with the help of recovery tool
    some recovery tool

    1.Panda recovery.

    2. TOKIWA data recovery.

    3. Undelete plus.

    4. Recovermydata

    5. wise recover

    6. full-recovery

    it might have happen because of improper copy or it may get deleted
    sometimes it may happen that you have hidden it and forget to change it properties

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    Re: Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    First the possible reason why the files from both the drives were deleted.

    You have ordered the copy process of content from one drive to another, it was being executed, but every file that we dommonly know in digitised form contains basically three parts, Header-Body-Trailer and this packets are read from the source and at the receiving point verified wheather the packets are intact or not.

    If any packet is found to be corrupt, the file will be rejected, another request will be sent to the source.

    This things are done constantly and it takes time to copy huge volumes of data, also if the source is found corrupt then the process will fail.

    Possibly you have either deleted the source file before the full operation, or the failed attempt of copying disguised and you deleted the source file with a belief the jobs done.

    There are a number of third party Recovery Utility that are available on the net, search and install one of them if you have not tinkered with the drives too much you can get back the deleted files.

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    Re: Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    Hi hello..

    Download a Recovery tool software firstly .

    select a Reputed and good software .

    and install it in your PC .

    and try to back up the data in the drives that you've lost .

    choose the destination folder and save all the data recovered.

    Thank you..

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    Re: Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    yes it is possible to recovery to u it easy to process
    just you to download the recovery tool for the internet and u can for get the detail
    other waise you can do
    thise steps
    for the attrib command
    just go to run and type cmd and one popup will come type cd\ command and type the attrib +r -a -s -h -i /s /d /l and press enter
    some hiden folder will be show in

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    Re: Files deleted from 2 drives on Windows Vista

    hi Friend,

    Here is the perfect solution for your problem:

    >> Try iCare Data recovery.

    >> It Guarantee 99% data Recovery.

    >> Recovery takes lots of time but gives high result.

    >> So i suggest you to use icare Recovery to recover all the types of Data lose.

    >> I hope you will understand and Get your lost drive

    All the Best

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