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    Firewall not responding on windows devices

    The firewall setting on my computer having Windows 7 is not responding. Whenever I try to get it to work an error with error code 0x6D9 is being displayed. I canít freely browse the net because of this issue. What can be done?

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    Re: Firewall not responding on windows devices

    First of all we cannot avoid the presence of a zero access type rootkit capable of making changes on its own on your computer. It can be compared with a Trojan. You could refer the net for programs for its detection and removal. It could be better if you could check the possibility of a virus attack too. The actual cause behind such type of errors is due to system file corruption. You could run several security sweeps on the system and look for the presence of a malware. Creating a backup of your system is very important in cases where you got such difficult to detect attacks. Create a back up of your files before trying to sort this out, which can be done by a simple Backup and Restore operation or using a third party program.

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    Re: Firewall not responding on windows devices

    Hi dear friend...........to solve the Above error ......checkout these

    press windows key+r and type services.msc in the run box and press ENTER Key

    then find Windows Firewall and right click on it .....and choose Properties option

    check the Service Status .....and also select Start up type as AUTOMATIC and click OK

    then restart the PC..... and try to Enable it again

    and if still the problem persists .....simply go this way

    go to control pane > System and security option > Backup and restore option


    now click on OPEN SYSTEM RESTORE button....(( and if you have any backup image or Repair disk....then click on ADVANCED recovery methods....and follow the instructions ))

    and click NEXT ....then choose the Restore point and click next

    and finally click FINISH button..... after that your problem will be resolved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Firewall not responding on windows devices

    Hello my dear friend, as you said your firewall is not responding, follow below instructions to make it respond or active

    first download this file in to your system


    and watch this video so that you can understand step by step procedure to rectify your problem.

    if you still find the problem.

    press windows key.
    type "services".
    click in "services".
    run as administrator.
    trace out Windows Firewall.
    double click on it.
    change the start up type to "automatic"

    now go to control panel once and click on firewall
    change it ON one time and OFF one time.

    restart your computer.

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    Re: Firewall not responding on windows devices

    dear friend,
    this is a simple problem to solve it follow the instructions given below
    1)first uninstall the firewall you are using
    2)now reinstall it and after that reboot your system so that your problem will be solved
    3)if you are older version then try to update your firewall by downloading from the internet
    4)it is better to use firewall of the other company if you face the problem like this
    5)hence your problem is solved

    happy to assist you.................

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    Re: Firewall not responding on windows devices


    Press windows + r

    and type Services.msc

    and hit enter .

    select windows firewall , right click on it and select properties .

    change the start up to Automatic and restart your device .

    update the firewall .

    Thank you...

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    Re: Firewall not responding on windows devices

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly You Need To Open The Control Panel
    >> Than Open The Windows Firewall
    >> After That Click On The Restore Default Option
    >> Now Restart The PC
    >> After That Open The Firewall Again
    >> And Make The Setting According To Your Need Than They Work Without Any Issue.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: Firewall not responding on windows devices

    Hi Friend,

    Your system Firewall is not Working well and Some defect in that.

    So Check the setting of Firewall.

    >> Also check the Security of Firewall.

    >> If firewall is not working well then Uninstall the Firewall.

    >> Delete data related to Firewall and Delete Folder of Firewall.

    >> Restart the System and Reinstall the Fresh Setup of Firewall.

    >> Then Start the Firewall.

    I hope you will understand.

    All the Best

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