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    Fix for 0x7B reboot problem in Windows 7?

    Whenever I start my Windows 7 PC it just goes for a loop of restart again and again, what should I do for this problem? It just gives the error 0x7B and then goes off. What can be done to fix the problem? Please help me soon as possible with this issues.

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    Re: Fix for 0x7B reboot problem in Windows 7?


    Reply : Fix for 0x7B reboot problem in Windows 7?

    This error cause by
    => The registry is corrupted.
    => A System file is missing or damaged.
    => A device driver file is missing or damaged.

    Run CHKDSK F: /F at the Run prompt of the working installation (schedule and reboot if needed).
    Try to boot it. If it won't go, try booting it to safe mode (tap F8 after selecting the OS) and run SFC /SCANNOW at the run prompt. Reboot when finished.

    If disk check not work try this......
    In this case, you need to do a Startup Repair and System Restore from DVD to fix this issue. Find how to run the startup repair tool by using Windows 7 installation disc.

    I hope this helps.....

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