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    Fix for the Error “C00D1199” in Windows Media Player of Windows 7?

    I am using Windows Media Player in Windows 7 System. Whenever I am trying to listen songs, I am getting an Error “C00D1199”. What might be the Problem? Please, anyone help me in Solving the Problem.

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    Re: Fix for the Error “C00D1199” in Windows Media Player of Windows 7?

    Error “C00D1199” might be caused due to the format of your file which you are willing to play in Windows Media Player. It does not play the audio files which are not supported by it. Try to play only supported Files. If you assure that, you are playing supported files and facing the same Error, then you need to change the Audio Output Device. Follow these Simple Steps.

    Click “Organize”.
    Click “Options”.
    Tap on the “Devices” Tab.
    Double - Click on the “Speakers”.
    Select different Sound Controller or Sound Card in the “Select The Audio Device”.
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    Re: Fix for the Error “C00D1199” in Windows Media Player of Windows 7?

    Dear friends..

    For clearing this problem follow my steps..

    In some cases people have run this error when the wrong audio devices selected in WMP.

    Tools/ Options/ Devices/Speakers/Properties will allow you to change it..

    It's good idea to update and/or re install your Sound card and Video Card drivers.

    Along with DirectX when you are getting this error.

    I hope it will help you.

    Thank you and All the best..

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    Re: Fix for the Error “C00D1199” in Windows Media Player of Windows 7?

    hi my dear friend...........the ERROR C00D1199 is

    Windows Media Player error c00d1199 is a common error.

    There are a few reasons that this error can pop up within your media player.

    Sometimes it means that the file you are trying to load has an error within it that makes it unplayable.

    Sometimes it means that you're missing one of the codecs you need to keep everything running smoothly.

    Sometimes it simply means that the file you are trying to play is not one that is recognized by windows media player (like .rm and .ram)

    and to fix this issue:

    first you want to make sure your file is recognizable by Windows Media Player

    If the file is something that your player cannot run you should either download a player version of the file or covert the file to a friendly file format yourself


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