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    Fix Paging files issue in Windows NT powered desktop PC

    There is an issue with paging files in my PC. Actually whenever i am restarting my PC then getting an error message limited virtual memory, this is occurring every time on my PC. Is there anyone who can resolve this issue? Need help!!

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    Re: Fix Paging files issue in Windows NT powered desktop PC

    Yes, this kind of error message occurs whenever paging file issue exists in system. Error comes due to paging file having high amount of free space on your system hard disk. In order to avoid this error, follow procedure:

    > Go to start option and select Settings
    > Click on Control Panel then select
    > Choose Virtual Memory and set Initial Size and Max size to zero value
    > Restart your PC
    > Now again, follow the same procedure and open System
    > Select Initial Size and Max size to the recommended values for Windows NT
    > Restart your PC, your issue will be resolved.
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