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    Fix for server error 0x800CCC90 when trying to download Windows Live Mail?

    I was in the process of setting up the Windows Live Mail and now when I try to download it gave me the error as server error 0x800CCC90. What can be done for this issue now? Have anyone came across this error code before? What ia the quick fix for this problem?

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    Re: Fix for server error 0x800CCC90 when trying to download Windows Live Mail?

    Hi my dear friend.......to solve this issue......follow the below instructions

    press windows key+r and type appwiz.cpl and press ENTER key

    then choose Windows Live Essentials and right click on it and it and choose CHANGE

    now select Repair all Windows Live Programs and click next

    after the completion of process......click FINISH button

    and try to check again.......and if the same problem exists ...got this way

    if you are using .... outlook ...simply press alt+t combination and choose accounts

    then double click on your Email Address .....and choose Servers tab

    look at the dialog box labeled Incoming mail in the box there should be pop3.live.com written there

    next look at the Outgoing mail dialog box the server here should be smtp.live.com

    there should also be dialog boxes labeled Account Name and Password in these boxes enter your e-mail address and passwords make sure they are entered correctly

    Click the box labeled My Server Requires Authentication to check it

    and finally click on Apply and close the windows

    and check again..............and this time your problem will be resolved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

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