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    Fix for shredder 64 msi error 1706 in Windows?

    I get this error again and again whenever I try to open up the files in my Windows machine. Have anyone else came across this error message as well? It just says cannot open shredder error 1706. No idea what it means too. Kindly give me the information which need to be followed for fixing this in my system.

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    Re: Fix for shredder 64 msi error 1706 in Windows?

    Try This......

    The very first thing I want you to do is to open the command prompt screen (by typing CMD in the start menu and then pressing shift+escape [runs as admin])

    Once you have opened CMD, type msiexec /regserver

    Once you have hit enter, reboot the machine.

    The next thing I want you to do is to run the Fix-It tool here:

    Tell it you want to fix problems automatically, and then select install. Select a program and let it run.

    If this fails, then download the free antivirus issued by Microsoft:


    Have it run a scan, it should fix your problem.

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