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    Fixng font size in windows 7

    I have bought a Dell Laptop where I found the problem with Fonts. The font sizes went smaller in size so I can't see anything on the screen. Already I am using specs so I felt uncomfortable with this. Than I shipped HP Laptop by replacing Dell. I found the same problem in HP too. I face this problem when using Microsoft Office and Outlook. I want to know why this happens? Is there anyway to fix the font size on Windows 7. Please leave me a reply for these things.

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    Re: Fixng font size in windows 7

    This problem will arise when you are using touchpad on Laptop so you need to disable it.
    1.Go to start then click on Control panel
    2.Click on Mouse settings
    3.Click on Device settings or touchpad tab
    4.Search the Disable device option and mark it
    5.Finally hit OK.
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    Re: Fixng font size in windows 7

    hi dear friend................to increase the font size in windows 7 follow these steps

    first click on the start menu and open the control panel

    then choose the appearance and personalization option

    then click on the personalization option

    the there is a window will be displayed .......then click on the window color option

    which is located at the bottom of the window......then click on the advanced appearance settings

    then another window will be displayed......in that select the Item ...... and scroll down and choose the Icon option

    then there is a size appeared as 9....then increase the size and click on Apply button...... after click OK

    then your problem will be resolved......................................THAN K YOU

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    Re: Fixng font size in windows 7

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say............

    1.Firstly you go to the start menu.

    2.Later you click on the 'Control Panel' option.

    3.Then you click on the option 'Display'.

    4.Then you select the size of the font from the three options.

    5.Select any one which you like and click 'Apply' and then 'OK'.

    6.Later it will ask for log off one you 'Log off' your computer to see the changes.

    Have a nice day..................

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    Re: Fixng font size in windows 7

    Display in Windows 7 allows you to make the text and other items, such as icons, on your screen easier to see by making them larger. You can do this without changing the screen resolution of your display. This allows you to increase or decrease the size of text and other items on your screen while keeping your display set to its optimal resolution.

    Let's see how to change Display in Windows 7:

    1. Click the Start and then choose the Control Panel option.
    Control Panel window opens up. Click Display.
    3. Choose one of the following:

    Smaller - 100%. This keeps text and other items at normal size.

    Medium - 125%. This sets text and other items to 125% of normal size.

    Larger - 150%. This sets text and other items to 150% of normal size. This option appears only if your monitor supports a resolution of at least 1200 x 900 pixels.
    Choose Larger - 150% and Click Apply.
    To see the change, Click Log off now and then Login again.

    4. Click Adjust Resolution in the left pane
    Choose resolution, click Apply. Display settings popup opens up to ask you to Keep changes or Revert the changes.
    Click Advanced settings.
    Choose Monitor tab, Select True Color (32-bits) and click Apply and Ok
    Click Set custom size text (DPI) in the left pane to customize the text size.
    Drag the ruler with your mouse to increase or decrease the percentage.
    Click Ok.
    Click Apply in the main Display Window. click Log off now to save changes

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