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    Frequent notifications that Windows is not genuine .How to fix this?

    I am constantly being reminded that my copy of Windows is not genuine. I am fed up of these messages. There were no such notifications before but now it has become very annoying. Is there any way that I can fix this myself or will I have to buy another genuine copy of Windows?

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    Re: Frequent notifications that Windows is not genuine .How to fix this?

    Hey friend,
    Don't worry this is common problem faced by all , you can use either of the two solutions to solve your problem:-

    -First is the genuine solution to get genuine key and enter to your system so that it will online verify the key and not show you such
    notification in the future. For this you have to buy a genuine key.

    -Second way is to just hack your window with the help of crack.
    --Go to http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0...type=downloads
    --download crack from this website.
    --and simply install this crack.
    -- restart you pc and now your problem is solved.
    Now your window not ask you for the key again .

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    Re: Frequent notifications that Windows is not genuine .How to fix this?

    Hello guest..

    This is a genuine notification from the Microsoft that the copy of this window is not genuine.
    Its a very serious issue.

    Actually what happens that when you start you PC or laptop, i think you connect it with internet.
    The thing you forget here to close your notifications because when you connect, it automatically connect with Microsoft and the copy of that window is start updating and the copy you are using in your PC is not genuine and that's why after updating this window copy, this notification comes again and again.

    Well, this you can change in control panel and turn off the notifications from Windows.

    If you didn't follow this process, then after a month, the window will be corrupted and your hard disk and ram will be blocked by the Microsoft.

    So turn off the notifications and never allow your PC help center to update your window and if you want a genuine copy, then purchase it which will cost you around Rs.12000/-

    All the best...

    thank you dear

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    Re: Frequent notifications that Windows is not genuine .How to fix this?

    Sorry my dear friend this problem cannot be fixed until you format your laptop again this problem is appearing because may be your window is pirated and you by mistake have sent your windows information to Microsoft there are many ways pirated windows can be shortlisted by Microsoft so next time try to reduce your visit to site of Microsoft and don't ever send any error report to it.

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    Re: Frequent notifications that Windows is not genuine .How to fix this?

    Is your installed windows a genuine ?
    Possibility is that you have a pirated copy of Windows and you had tried to download from the official Microsoft website some files manually or automatically, which required an authentication code and in your case it wasnt there or if it was there it was duplicate, and presenting it to the screening let your windows invalid , and fake copy, the site remembers your address and sending you the message.
    I think you should buy a genuine copy for complete experience without trouble.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Frequent notifications that Windows is not genuine .How to fix this?

    genuine.jpg genuine1.gif

    dear friend,

    If you are continuously viewing "Windows is not genuine" message then its indicating that you are using pirated version of windows.

    There is also a possibility that the trial version time period is over.

    You'll not able to see wallpaper in your desktop-also you'll face several issue regarding this problem.

    So it is recommended that you must buy a valid product key from Microsoft official website to make the windows version genuine.

    But there is a way by which you can avoid spending money.

    Search over the internet for any patch key which will make your windows genuine.

    Just download the zipped file of the patch & unzip it.

    After that, run the settings.

    Restart your computer to see the effect.

    But if you go for this, you must disable the windows update.

    Because, if you go for windows update with a hacked product key, Microsoft will recognize that & will stop all the services forcefully & immediately.

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