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    Games like King kong Demo and X-Men Legend 2 demo doesn't run on my PC giving error "Sync out of range"

    I have an intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz,256 MB of RAM, and an nVidia GeForce4 MX 440 32MB graphics card. Few Games like King kong Demo and X-Men Legend 2 demo doesn't run on my PC. I always get an error message "Sync out of range". I have tried many methods to fix this issue but failed. I altered the Graphics card settings and also changed the size of page file which failed to work.It seems that the graphics card is faulty because, it gives an error message "Out of video memory,try to run at lower resolution" while playing few Games.

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    Re: Games like King kong Demo and X-Men Legend 2 demo doesn't run on my PC giving error "Sync out of range"

    The "Sync out of range" error message appears only when your game forces the screen refresh rate to a value which is not supported on your monitor. To fix this issue,you will have to set the refresh rate. You can also use the Directx Diagnostic tool to force the game to use a refresh rate which is supported in your monitor. To do the same,click on "Start" button>>Run. Now in the search box,type "DXDiag" and hit the enter button on your keyboard. Now click on "Override value".Enter a refresh rate like 60GHz.If it fails to fix your issue then there is some issue with your drivers. Try to install the latest graphics driver. If you don't have drivers then visit http://www.nvidia.com
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