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    Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own

    I have a sony vaio EB44 laptop that has a discrete graphics card with 512 MB of dedicated Memory,core i3 Processor,3GB of RAM and a 320 GB hard disk. I have installed condition zero xtreme edition, NFS most wanted and two days ago, i installed NFS hot pursuit. Will all these games overload my processor? At times,the games just exit on their own. I am worried about my processor. I have very important data on my laptop,so i don't want to take any risk. Please tell me if my Laptop's configuration is sufficient for the games or do i need to uninstall them? Since i don't have internet at home,i want to know if Avast antivirus updates can be downloaded to a USB flash drive. Please provide some guidance.

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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own

    If your laptop has an AMD Radeon HD 64xx or HD 65xx graphics processor, you should be able to play these games at low settings. Older games such as NFS most wanted should be relatively easy on the Graphics processor. If the graphics are intensive, you will get sluggish frame rates,but it certainly won't affect the processor,the hard drive or any other hardware. As long as the gameplay is smooth, go ahead and play.
    You can download updates for avast from the download section of its website. Take updates home on your usb flash drive and run them. Your antivirus definitions will be updated. Remember that virus definitions are updated daily.
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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own


    You've a very good configuration which is more than enough for playing the Most wanted and Hot Pursuit games .

    they do not over load the processor and their is nothing to worry regarding this .

    Go Ahead and play the games .

    all you need to check is the registry .

    Add the Registry to the PC .

    and the files related to it are missing so they exit on their own .

    you need to download the another set up of the games and install them .

    also scan your device with the good and reputed antivirus .

    Thank you..

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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say........................

    1.This was the problem of the NFS Most Wanted.

    2.Because it need very high configuration to run.

    3.I have installed it once when i have 2 GB ram my ram was corrupted because of that game.

    4.So though you have 3 GB Ram or any other it is better to uninstall NFS Most Wanted.

    5.Because it makes your processor to work very much.

    Have a nice day..............................

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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own

    If you ask wheather your system is adequate to run Graphics Heavy games, like NFS, the answer is NO.

    the gamers system should have 21" display, Core i7 fourth Gen . Processor, 16 GB RAM, 4 GB dedicated VRAM on card, Fast SCSI HDD, enough Cache and fast Motherboard etc.

    But it never means other systems like yours can't play games like NFS, but it will be sluggish.

    Playing gamess beyond capacity will either stop the playing or play with slow frame speed, but does not harm the system or any component.

    In your case, insufficient resource like memory can create such issuess.
    Also check the system if any virus infection is there or not.
    Reinstall those games after uninstalling them.
    Use Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter to clean and organize the system .

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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own

    Hi, Dear friend

    Generally the NFS and Hot pursuit games are very sensitive ...I mean if you have lost or ... missing of any file ... during the Installation or Copying the Game .....it must be raise the Error ... in the mid of Game

    and also some times the Game contents may blocked by the Fire wall or Antivirus also.... So, try to Disable them during the playing .. and check if it helps

    Mainly,,, if you have Avira antivirus .. in your PC ... it always detects the .exe files ... and will delete them automatically.... which can cause the problem too

    And also make sure that your PC does not infected with Virus

    And also check whether the Windows in your PC running properly or not ... if you find any error .. simply repair it ...and check if it helps

    And do not run the multiple tasks ... during the playing of Game.... if you do so...... some times the processor cannot Handle those tasks .. depending on the running tasks .... in that case Exception Error will be raised.... then also the Above problem is occured.

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own

    HELLO ,

    Your config seems to be OK but the Graphic card may be an issue

    the games should run fine in minimal settings you also have a good graphics card..

    my advice is that you update the video drivers and I-3 is a good processor

    it wouldnt be damaged...there is no way these games could overload your processor..

    Try by turning off your Antivirus program at the time of playing the games..it may work.

    And yes updates may be manually downloaded and installed but only some and not all

    for daily updates you need internet connection


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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own


    Your laptop is highly configured to play this game.

    It is much more enough to the game with config.

    This unsudden exit of game may happen cause of 2 reasons.

    1. Your system may be infected with virus. So check for virus scan with good anti virus.
    2. .dll files missing in the game. Find the missing files and download them from net and paste in there place.

    Thank you.

    GooD LucK.......

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    Re: Games like NFS Most wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit exit on their own

    you have low graphics card you can play game in low setting in hot pursuit graphics is more play game in low setting while you playing games their is no much effect on processor or hard disk only graphic card has more work nothing to worry you can play games .......games exit by them-self is due to some file or directory is missing try another install setup

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