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    Gaming problems with LG Windows phone

    In my LG Windows phone, I am not able to play the downloaded games but I can still play the inbuilt games properly. How to overcome this issue?

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    luckyndims Array
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    Re: Gaming problems with LG Windows phone

    Hii dear....if you are able to play the inbuilt games, then you should download the games from the app store provided by your phone.

    If you are not able to paly downloaded games , then it might be because of you are downloadind unsupported games to your bphone.

    Type your phone model with supported games in google and search for it.

    You will surely get all supported games for your phone and also able to play those games after installation..

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    mihirthakore Array
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    Re: Gaming problems with LG Windows phone


    Inbuilt games are the system insalled games so they are working properly but the games which you download if they are not working check out the following steps -

    1) The games which you download check it out it support your phone.

    2) Secondly check that the game is installed or downloaded correctly.

    3) On the website you can see the support games which can be downloaded in your phone.

    4)Update to your device also.

    5) Check also memory is it working properly,I mean the memory card or the phone memory is not corrupted.

    6)Lastly reset your memory card and phone memory so it get properly balanced...

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    navjotsidhupamal Array
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    Re: Gaming problems with LG Windows phone

    Hello friend,

    If you are trying to play the inbuilt games in your phone then you have to install them from your application store,otherwise you are unable to play them correctly.

    And If you want to play any games on your phone,then install it properly.

    Don't install the unsupported games.

    If the game shows that it is unsupported to your phone then you have to uninstall it so that you can install an another game.

    Try to update your phone so that i can linked with the every new version.

    Your phone should be free from viruses.

    Thank u!!

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    palm_pixi_anand Array
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    Re: Gaming problems with LG Windows phone

    If you are using a windows phone, firstly you have to create your profile, then start using the phone.
    Login with your windowslive/ outlook id and password and register the phone at www.windowsphone.com under "my phone section" with same id and password.
    now download the apps and software from windows catalog.
    Run then.
    If still problem persists, send a report to windows support.
    hope this helps!!

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