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    Getting ‘Failed Redundancy’ error while setting up mirror RAID on Windows 7

    Whenever I try to set up mirror RAID on my PC upgraded to Windows 7, I keep getting ‘Failed Redundancy’ error. Both the disks available in my system are perfectly working fine. I have already reactivated, reformat and rebuild the array program. The situation remains the same even after that. What should I do to fix up this issue?

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    Re: Getting ‘Failed Redundancy’ error while setting up mirror RAID on Windows 7

    as per license issues RAID-5 is not there in windows 7. still there are stirred, spanned, mirrored as the options. spanned is not actually a RAID technology but it falls under same category.

    1. right click on the disk you want to make RAID and select spanned
    2. click next
    3. select which disks you want to add in your RAID
    4. assign the drive letter
    5. format the volume in NTFS format
    6. now review all your details and click YES

    that's it.

    your work is done... enjoy RAID

    all the best

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