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    Getting “Prepare to recycle” message on Windows 7 while deleting files in desktop

    When I turn on my PC running on Windows 7 yesterday, I found .msg file on the desktop. I tried to delete the file and got the message “Prepare to recycle” on the screen. I waited for some time and the system get locked up on that message. Is there any way available to avoid this?

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    Re: Getting “Prepare to recycle” message on Windows 7 while deleting files in desktop

    Hello friend...

    First of all try with shift+delete button to delete that particular folder.

    And check whether this folder is shared by network based program in your system.

    You may use check disk command for any hard disk errors.
    NOTE: While doing this if that get interrupted then the whole data can be lost so, for kind information backup your data before doing this.

    Follow the instructions:

    ->Click start

    ->In the search window type cmd and press enter.After that right click on the cmd and select run as administrator.

    ->Now type at the command prompt : CHKDSK /P and press enter to scan the disk.

    ->Then type at the command prompt: CHKDSK C: /F /R and press enter to repair the corrupt sectors if there are any.

    After completing this reboot the system and check.

    If this doesn't work for you there is a simple step to do:

    ->Just download the Lock hunter program from the following link:

    ->After that open the software and browse for the file which is creating problem, select it and press unlock.Then its done.

    Hope this may help you....

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