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    Getting “Winautomation.diagent has stopped working” error whenever I try to logon into Windows 7

    I am not sure what happened with my Windows 7 OS, recently I am facing quite a lot of issues. Now whenever I try to boot up in the Windows 7 start screen I get the error as “Winautomation.diagent has stopped working”. What does it mean? Is there anyway to overcome this error? Can you please provide me proper details.

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    Re: Getting “Winautomation.diagent has stopped working” error whenever I try to logon into Windows 7

    The message you are receiving is a severe damage that the windows has suffered.

    What is WinAutomation DIAgent ? WinAutomation.DIAgent.e is simply a process used by the PC to open and execute the files that are required to run software and applications.

    Now, the error can be caused by various reasons, generally, these situations below will let the computer to display message WinAutomation.DIAgent.e error:
    1. WinAutomation.DIAgent.e file has been corrupted or deleted on the computer by mistake.
    2. Related registry files has been damaged or corrupted.
    3. Windows or drivers have been out of date.
    4. Program installation or removal is not properly done.
    5. Presence of malicious spyware or virus.
    Try to download a fresh copy of the file and install it to to windows directory for error free environment.
    Thank you.

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