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    Getting activation error 0xC004C032 in Windows 8

    I have installed Windows 8 Release Preview on my brand new Dell Laptop. It is working fine and I like it more than Windows 7. I didn't got any problems while installing Windows 8. When I install it didn't asked for a activation key. Now I am getting a error 0xC004C032 in my Laptop. while trying to activate over internet it says this error 0xC004C032. I do not why it is happening? Can anyone solve this problem and also tell me where I can get the activation key for Windows 8 Release Preview. Thanks in Advance !!!

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    Re: Getting activation error 0xC004C032 in Windows 8

    Having problems, while activating windows 8 operating system? Follow these steps to get solved your issue, 1:First of all go to, windows activation Either by going through control panel or by searching! Searching will be bit easier than going through control panel! 2:After going into Windows Activation, 3:You will find a button called "Activate windows" 4:Click on that button 5:Your computer will automatically connects to internet and acquires a key from Microsoft.com. 6:After that, your system will be activated! 7:From now onwards you will be able to personalize your windows with your preferences! To do the above steps you will need an internet connection!

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