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    Getting error “0X800F0906”when installing .net software in Windows 8

    I have installed Windows 8 Release preview on my Compaq Laptop. I need .net 3.5 so I went to control panel and selected .net 3.5. it asked me to download it. Then I accepted but the downloading has been failed. The error shown is 0X800F0906. I tried running the windows update troubleshooter, and it found two errors that it fixed, but then when I return back to download, it shown me the same error. Can anyone tell me by giving ideas to install .net which is must for my career.

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    Re: Getting error “0X800F0906”when installing .net software in Windows 8

    In windows 8 operating system .NET frame work is in-built! By default .NET frame work 4.5 is installed in your windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 operating system is also having, .NET frame work version 3.5! To turn on, the .NET frame work in your system follow these steps, 1:First of all, go to Turn Windows Features On Or Off. Either by going through control panel or by searching! your wish! but searching will be the easiest way to access anything in windows! 2:After going into,features 3:Check on, .NET frame work 3.5 Then it will do some updates and then your system will automatically get restarted. That's it over!

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