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    Getting an error “NTDLR is missing” in windows 7. How to fix it?

    When i start my PC,i get an error message saying “NTDLR is missing”. Can you explain what that means and if there is a fix for it? I don’t want to format my PC as i have some important documents on the main drive.Please let me know what i need to do.

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    Re: Getting an error “NTDLR is missing” in windows 7. How to fix it?

    The error means that your computer is not able to find required system files for booting into the Operating system.The causes could be a fault in the hard drive, HDD cable or the motherboard or it could be a software issue such as missing, corrupt or virus-infected files,the boot.ini file could be misconfigured,the boot sector could be corrupt,the MBR could be missing,or any other issue.In order to solve this issue,you will need the original windows installation disc and boot from it.Enter into the Recovery mode at the prompt and get to the MS-DOS prompt from there.Now run the commands “FIXMBR” and “FIXBOO”.You can also try copying the files “NTDLR” and “NTDETECT.COM” from the installation disc’s “i386” folder to the C:\drive.Your problem should be solved.Make sure you don’t have a virus or hardware problem.

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    Re: Getting an error “NTDLR is missing” in windows 7. How to fix it?


    you have problem with your NTLDR system error.

    >> this NTLDR is a system file that is most important to run your OS.

    >> you have two choice to resolve your problem.

    1. mannually you can do it that is if you have knowledge of CMD.

    >> 2 you must have to re formate your pc by your needed os.

    >> just using this two way you can do i think you have to re install your system .

    >> dont waste your time and do it.

    >> all the best

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    Re: Getting an error “NTDLR is missing” in windows 7. How to fix it?

    NTLDR is an abbreviation for NT LoaDeR. It is the boot loader for all version of Windows NT based operating systems.NTLDR is an important component of Windows boot process


    1. Boot from windows 7 DVD

    2. Choose language and select option to repair operating system

    3. Select repair option and click next

    4. choose windows7 operating system and hit enter

    5. click on command prompt

    6. Type command :-

    bootrec /fixboot

    bootrec /fixmbr

    7. Take out windows 7 DVD and restart your pc

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    Re: Getting an error “NTDLR is missing” in windows 7. How to fix it?

    Hi dear friend........To solve the above error .......follow as the below

    If you have system backup image or Repair disk....... simply go to control panel

    and click on System and security > Backup and restore > Recover System settings or your computer > Advanced Recovery methods > Use a system image you created Earlier to recover your computer option..............and follow the onscreen instructions

    Other wise .....follow the below

    simply insert the Windows 7 DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    then press DELETE key at the start up and......choose BOOT menu and select boot option

    now press F10 key to save the settings........and select ok and press ENTER key........to restart

    after that press ENTER key .............to boot from DVD

    ..............after selecting the Language options ... click on REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER option
    windows-7-startup-repair-4.jpg and follow the onscreen instructions

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Getting an error “NTDLR is missing” in windows 7. How to fix it?

    have you ever heard about Hirens boot CD. if not let me explain what it is.
    Hirens Boot Disk is a BOOTABLE disk which has lot of tools in it like MBR recovery, BOIS tools, data recovery tools, disk cloning, imaging tools, lots and lots of tools.

    using this cd you can solve your problem in just 2 mins.

    keep the disk in your cd/dvd drive and restart your system.

    change the BIOS settings so that first priority will be cd/dvd drive

    press any key to boot from cd/dvd

    choose the option to fix NTDLR missing.

    hit enter

    restart your system, enjoy

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