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    Getting error 0x8024800A on Windows XP during update

    My Dell laptop is running on Windows XP and service pack 3. While I was trying to update the system, I got an error code 0x8024800A on the screen. How can I resolve this error?

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    Re: Getting error 0x8024800A on Windows XP during update

    hi dear friend........solve this issue .....and I hope the below procedure may helps you

    press windows key+r and type services.msc in the run box and press ENTER key

    then scroll down and find windows update and right click on it and select STOP

    then again press window key+r and type %homedrive% in the run and press ENTER key

    then open the windows folder

    after that find software distribution folder and open it

    after that delete all the data from the folder .......and go to one step back

    now open the download folder and ........delete all the downloaded updates from the folder

    after that restart the PC ....then again go to step 1 and right click on windows update

    and select START from the popup

    then try to install the updates again...........all the best

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