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    Getting error "Can't read from source file or disk" in Windows 8

    Recently I installed Windows 8 Release Preview on my system. I felt happy by using the new version of windows. But the problem is that I am getting a error. I got this error while i was trying to copy a 3.55 GB ISO file from my CD-ROM.The copying process stopped at 26% and the error said."Can't read from source file or disk".i tried again but the same error came up. Any solutions? If so then let me know that. Thanks in Advance !!!

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    Re: Getting error "Can't read from source file or disk" in Windows 8


    Seems you are having a problem with the Media CD/DVD whichever you have used to store the ISO.

    Either the ISO is corrupt or the media is , download a diagnostic software from the internet and install it in your system.

    Then check the optical disk using that. Also check the optican disk lense if it has got dust/dirt or if it is misaligned somehow.

    Try to clean the ISO Disk and try once more.


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    Re: Getting error "Can't read from source file or disk" in Windows 8

    Your problem is most common problem but it seem to be serious to solve that u have to do following things;

    1. first is check your ISO file is not corrupt. i am sure that this problem is not for ISO corrupt den also check it.

    2. if its ok den try to check ur cable that r connected with ur CD_DVD drive . this error upper coz may be ur device was not working properly.

    3. last thing u can do is try to burn ur ISO in pen drive insted of CD-DVD. it will give u exact solution in where problem is der.

    i hope it works, happy to helping.

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    Re: Getting error "Can't read from source file or disk" in Windows 8

    If the error is only related to the read process, then it is definitely the error of media device or the DVD-drive.
    It would sound a little funny but if you are sure that the CD is not corrupt, try to clean the lens of your Disc drive with a very soft Cloth(used to clean spectacles)
    And also try to run a lens cleaner disc.
    Clean your CD with toothpaste(funny na!!But it works)
    And again run the CD.
    Also reply if any error comes.

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