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    Getting an Error code ‘0x80070103’ when trying to upgrade Windows Vista

    Weird issue and facing from few days, if trying to upgrade Windows Vista getting an error code as mentioned above with message that ‘This computer does not have enough space for temporary files.... ‘ Need help!!

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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x80070103’ when trying to upgrade Windows Vista

    Issue occurs generally when active partition on your system is a hidden partition. To avoid the error, software/windows program have to put files on the partition that is not hidden, it should be active.

    Follow the steps to resolve the error code, are:

    Step 1: Go to start button and then select Control panel
    Step 2: Now, choose the option ‘System and Maintenance’ and select ‘ Administrative Tools’
    Step 3: Go to the option ‘Computer Management’ double click on that option and if asking for info then provide it
    Step 4: Now under Storage click on Disk Management, in the navigation pane
    Step 5: You have to choose disk where windows vista files existing. Right click on that disk/drive and choose mark Partition as ‘Active’
    Step 6: Click yes, to proceed the further process

    Now, close computer management and insert your windows dvd and restart your system

    -> Choose the language and settings then proceed to next
    -> Mark ‘Repair Your Computer link’
    -> Now, click on Repair and Restart

    Follow same process as mentioned above after restarting then click on next. Choose Startup Repair link. Now, you may start the upgrade by using your Windows DVD
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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x80070103’ when trying to upgrade Windows Vista

    Please following this step if you have error code 0x80070103 insufficient drive space.
    1. Open Control Panel by clicking the Start button, and then selecting Control Panel.
    2. Click System and Maintenance.
    3. Click Administrative Tools.
    4. Double-click Computer Management. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    5. In the navigation pane, click Disk Management under Storage.
    6. Select the volume that contains the existing Windows Vista installation. Typically, this is drive C.
    7. Right click the volume, and then select Mark Partition as Active.
    8. Click Yes to confirm the action

      Note At this point, the existing Windows installation will not be able to start until the remaining steps are completed.
    9. Close Computer Management.
    10. Insert the Windows Vista DVD.
    11. Restart the computer.
    12. Use the Windows Vista DVD to start the computer.
    13. Choose the desired language and keyboard settings, and then click Next.
    14. Click the Repair Your Computer link on the bottom left of the screen.
    15. When you are prompted to repar the startup data, click Repair and Restart.
    16. After the computer restarts, repeat steps 12 through 14.
    17. If your computer has a single Windows installation, click Next. Otherwise, choose the correct WIndows installation, and then click Next.
    18. Click the Startup Repair link.
    19. Click Finish when the repair has completed. The computer should restart to Windows Vista.
    20. Start the upgrade using the Windows Vista DVD.

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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x80070103’ when trying to upgrade Windows Vista

    Dear Friend,

    So you are getiing the error when trying to upgrade windows vista.
    According to me the error code you mentioned depicts that the drive in which your OS vista is present is not marked as active.
    Hope the below mentioned steps can help you in solving your issue::

    Right click on your "my computer" and select "manage".
    Now select "Disk management" and choose the drive in which your OS vista is present.
    Right click on it and select "mark the partition as active".
    Now restart you system and make a system repair and then try to upgrade.
    hope this time you will not face any error code.

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