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    Getting an Error code ‘0x8007045D’ on Windows 7 Home Premium

    Hi, if trying to make image of my windows or, trying to backup system files on my external hard drive then system not permitting me to accomplish the process and giving me error code. What to do, need help on this issue.

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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x8007045D’ on Windows 7 Home Premium

    To avoid this error firstly, check the volume shadow service is active on your system, and if it is active and still persisting the issue then run check disk on your system to get better resolutions. In order to check for shadow copy service on your system, follow the procedure:

    -> Type services.msc on your Windows 7 search box
    -> Now, check for volume shadow copy service, set it to automatic
    * To activate service (if it is stopped) follow steps:
    -> You should right click on service and then restart
    -> Click on Properties and click on Automatic in the startup type

    To run check disk option on your system, follow the procedure:
    -> Type cmd in the Start Search box
    -> Now, under Programs list do right click on cmd.exe and run it as admin
    -> Chkdsk /R X: place C,D, E drive in place of X (showing drive option)
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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x8007045D’ on Windows 7 Home Premium

    Error 0*8007045D mostly occurs due to problems such as

    --> Hardware faults
    --> Problem in registry or file getting damage
    --> Problems in software which you want to try to open

    Fix the Error code 0*8007045D in window 7

    first you have to check the why this error occurs and then try to solve according to getting reason.

    --> Go to "start" and then "My computer"
    --> select external harddrive in which error occurs while try to open
    --> Right click on drive and select "properties"
    --> click on "tools" and then "check for errors"

    now system will try to find out that what's actually problem.After getting reason of error , try to solve it.

    Sometime , it's also happen that antivirus software try to slow down the system and this error occurs.so disable the antivirus and firewalls and then check whether error occurs or not.

    If problem still not solved ,then clean out the all registry by using the software registry cleaner

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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x8007045D’ on Windows 7 Home Premium


    this error occures .....when you are trying to make backup of your computer data

    and the reason behind the issue is the registry error

    To fix this issue follow the given procedure

    open the command prompt( admin ) and type CHKDSK and press enter

    after the completion of process restart your computer

    then again go to the command prompt and run CHKDSK for all the Drives

    that is like this

    command prompt usually appears like this C:\> .......to run the CHKDSK for D drive ..........type

    c:\> d: and hit enter then it appears like this d:\>

    then type the above command that is CHKDSK ......then do it for all the Drives

    after that disable the antivirus ........then run the process

    and the shrinking the volume also.......is useful in case of over come this error


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