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    Getting an Error code ‘0xC004F063’ when trying to activate Windows 7

    At that time of windows activation when i am inserting my genuine windows key after reinstalling windows getting an error code 0xC004F063. What does it mean and why i am getting this error code. any suggestions to recover it as soon as possible!!

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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0xC004F063’ when trying to activate Windows 7


    the problem you are facing while installing has a solution and let me tell you that.

    Are you able to boot normally? Try to first uninstall and reinstall the product key and check wheather it works.
    Click "Start" and type cmd in the search box.
    On the displayed programs list right click on cmd and select “Run as Administrator.”
    In the command prompt type the following and press Enter after each command.
    slmgr –upk
    slmgr –ipk (your product key)
    Activate the copy again and check if it works.

    You may try online activation, if it fails try the Phone Activation.
    Try validating Windows online and see if you can correct the problem.


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