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    Getting an Error code 80190864 when purchasing from XBOX LIVE on Windows 8

    Hi, having issue with XBOX Live purchase on windows 8. I am getting an error code 80190864 with the message can't retrieve information from Xbox LIVE when trying to purchase anything from XBOX Live on windows 8. Why am I getting this. Need help on this matter.

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    Re: Getting an Error code 80190864 when purchasing from XBOX LIVE on Windows 8

    Hello friend ...

    Error code 80190864 preceded by the following message...

    can't retrive information from xboxlive.please try again later and it shows the error code.

    Its means that your payment option can't be authorized through your bank or xbox live detects suspicious activity and its preventing charges to your xboxlive account...

    To overcome this problem follow the solution given below...

    make sure that the billing address for your xbox live account matches the billing address used by your credit card company.to change the billing address of your xbox live account just change your xbox live account information ....

    And this problem may occur due to some of the reasons like:

    ->The credit card has not been activated

    ->The credit card was declined due to some insufficient funds

    ->The credit card cannot accept online purchases automatic biling

    ->The credit card company intentionally preventing the card from being used

    contact your credit card company or bank and make sure that the payment option that you are using is activated i.e., having funds...

    Hope this may help you...

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