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    Getting an error "Csc.exe unable to start correctly" during windows shutdown

    I am a windwos 7 user and currently facing an unknown issue. My windows 7 computer works fine but i am getting an error message "Csc.exe unable to start correctly" when it turns itself off. I want to know about this csc.exe. Do you know,how to fix this issue?

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    Re: Getting an error "Csc.exe unable to start correctly" during windows shutdown

    Don't worry. There is no any issue with your windows or system files. An application called BitMeter is know to cause this kind of error. You can easily fix it by uninstalling it.You can contact the developers for support. If you are confident that the same software is not installed on your computer then try clean booting. If you don't know the procedure of clean booting,follow the below given procedure:
    Click on "Start" button and type "msconfig" in the search box and hit enter button on keyboard.It can ask for Administrator password so don't hesitate to provide the same.Now a different windows will appear before you.
    Click on "General Tab" and then on "Selective Startup". Now uncheck the "Load Startup Items" check box.
    After that click on "Services" tab and check the check box which has the option "Hide All Microsoft Services". Once checked that option, click on "Disable All" button and click on "Ok" button. After completing all the above mentioned steps, restart your computer to reflect these changes.
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    Re: Getting an error "Csc.exe unable to start correctly" during windows shutdown

    hi dear friend.............to solve this issue

    first of all open the command prompt admin mode and type sfc/scannow and press ENTER key

    which will repair the corrupted.....file


    This problem may be to do with the Net Framework 4, Hold Winkey and push R and type services.msc in the Run box hit Ok and scroll to the Microsoft Net Framework 4 service and try to start this service then try to close the message box.

    Then bring up the Run box again and type msconfig select the services tab and check to make sure the service is checked. Then re-start the computer in safe mode if all is fine try to re start normally.

    and also if you are unable to solve the problem simply go for the RESTORE Process and fix the issue


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