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    Getting Error Message as “Not Responding” when I connect any external device to my PC Port

    Hi, i have Samsung Desktop PC. Am Currently using Windows 07 Ultimate as it best suits for all the operation i perform. The Issue i face with my PC is whenever i connect an External Components to my PC it got Hands Up & Showing an Error as “System Not Responding”. It takes some Minutes to recover back to Normal Mode.My question is why am getting this Issue & how do i Fix this Issue.You should also tell me the Immediate Action i can Perform to Recover this Issue more Quicker Time than the PC take Normally.

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    Re: Getting Error Message as “Not Responding” when I connect any external device to my PC Port

    This is an typical Hardware issue due to your External Hardware Failure or Port of your PC is in Trouble.The Solution for your Issues may be as follows:

    1. Just Connect your Hardware Device separately with No other devices Engaged at the same time.
    2. There may be Virus in your PC so try running your PC Anti-Virus to clear out those Harmed data’s and Try Connecting your Hardware device.
    3. You can use an External cable for Connecting the Hardware device for Convenient & Quick Detection.
    4. It often happens when the Memory of your Hardware full so kindly look for it & make the changes.
    5. The Continuous hit of same Issue lead to Hardware Failure so Reboot your Hardware, even Reinstall your OS for the same.
    6. For Immediate Recover try Initiating your Task Manager: Continuous press of Keys Ctrl+Alt+Del.
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    Re: Getting Error Message as “Not Responding” when I connect any external device to my PC Port


    The issue you are facing is definitely involve the hardware and its supporting drivers.
    Windows allots driver on its own to run all the peripherals along with the core window,
    Immidietly check the system for presence of virus, if found clean it.
    Unplug the device that is showing "not responding, clean its connectors and insert again.
    If the driver if found at fault , download a new driver from microsoft or the manufacturers site and download a proper driver that is compatible and install it.
    Use windows diagnostics to check the Memory, Cache memory etc for their health.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Getting Error Message as “Not Responding” when I connect any external device to my PC Port

    hi my dear friend.................to resolve the issue follow the given

    there are two reason to....not detecting the device

    one is the ......if there is any problem in the connected device

    so first check whether the device is working or not

    if it is connected by the cable ..........then check the cable also

    after the confirm ........ no problem in the device...........then connect the device

    and go to the start menu and open the control panel

    after that click on the hard ware and sound option

    then after click the devices and printers option

    then click the Add device option ......which is located at the top of the window

    and scan for the device there....... and follow the simple instructions ......and add to it

    and if you are unable to ......detect the device then there is problem in the OS

    IF there is any OS Drivers problem.....then also the.....the device is not detected

    And to fix the Os problem .......go for the restoration process and resolve your problem...............THANK YOU

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