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    Getting an error "Not updated.We're having a problem..." in windows phone 7

    I am a windows Phone 7 user. When i try to sync my Microsoft account to email,calender or contacts, i regularly receive an error message "Windows Live error. Not updatedWe're having a problem synchronizing with m.hotmail.com / m.outlook.com" with an error code.I have also posted the screenshot of the error screen so that you can understand my problem without any issue. Kindly help me.

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    Re: Getting an error "Not updated.We're having a problem..." in windows phone 7

    On your windows phone, move to the "Start" and then to "App" list. Now tap on "Settings" and then on "Email+accounts". After that tap on "Windows Live" which is your microsoft account and enter your username and password credentials again. After that tap on "Done" button. Your phone will automatically sync with your Microsoft account.Please note that Microsoft account is known as windows Live in your Mobile.
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    Re: Getting an error "Not updated.We're having a problem..." in windows phone 7

    If you may experience any of the following:
    • Unable to use the write on wall function in the People hub for a contact.
    • Unable to add a comment on a story from the what’s new feed for a contact in the People hub.
    • Missing friends or contacts in the People hub.
    • Friends or contacts have missing / gray profile picture in the People hub.
    • Unable to see a contact’s Facebook personal status message, posted photos, or published stories from the what’s new feed in the People hub.
    • A photo is visible in the what’s new feed, but when you click on the photo it is missing.
    • When you view comments on a what’s new feed story, instead of displaying the name of the contact it shows “Anonymous User” or has a blank space.
    • Missing Facebook details (such as email address or phone number) for a contact in the People hub.
    To resolve such issues, KB2494045 suggests, you first login to your Facebook.com account and open Privacy Settings.Here under Sharing on Facebook, click Customize settings. Check and configure who can see and comment on things that you share, things on your Wall, and things you’re tagged in. When you are finished, click Back to Privacy.Next, under Apps and Websites, click Edit your settings. If you have disabled or turned off all platform apps, click Turn on under Apps you use. Under Info accessible through your friends, click Edit Settings. Check and configure what information that you wish to make available to applications, games, and websites when your friends use them.

    Also, if when syncing your Facebook account to Windows Phone 7 you receive any of the following error messages:

    • Facebook error. Not updated. We’re having a problem connecting. Try again later. Error code: 85FB4400
    • Error code: 80072EFFError code 85FB4400. Request level error. The profile picture of one or more of your Facebook friends did not sync. Typically, this is because the contact photo is returned as a broken (nonexistent) image from Facebook. While this is a persistent error message, it should not affect the rest of the Facebook integration on your phone. Check to confirm your what’s new feed (tap people on the Start screen) and contacts are syncing (tap people on the Start screen and flick left). If everything is working, ignore the error message.Error code 80072EFF. Request level error. This means the data connection was dropped. Try again when you are in an area with better cellular coverage or connect to a Wi-Fi network.
      Error code 83CF0108. General operation error. This message is displayed if there is no request level error or if the request level error is lost. It’s best to determine the request level error to understand the cause and any work around that may apply.
      To determine whether there is a request level error that may have been lost, try the following:
      • On your phone, go to Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings, and then tap Email & Accounts. Tap-and-hold Facebook and then tap sync.
      • If you receive an error, tap Attention Required to view the error. If you receive a different error code, use this table to understand the cause and follow any work around steps that may apply.
    • Error code: 83CF0108

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